JavaScript Ecosystem

The influential post How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016 highlighted important feature of JavaScript – a vast amount of JavaScript frameworks avaiable for developers. But feelings are not enough to describe the whole ecosystem and we need some data. Some of them were collected by the State of JavaScript Survey where we can find answers to questions on topics ranging from front-end frameworks and state management, to build tools and testing libraries. For those who are starting with web-development I would recommend to read A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue.

It would be interesting to analyse the most popular frameworks to highlight another troublesome feature of JavaScript. There is not only vast amount of the frameworks, but also the vast amount of versions of each framework, sometimes called the JavaScript churn. A one example you can find below – the releases of one of the most popular and important JS frameworks – nodeJS.nodejs_releases

You can check others on my github repo, the project is still in the development.

Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – great result of polish fundrising organization

Recently this year fundrising result of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was published. The result was a great surprise as beated last year figure.  But how big was it? And how impressive? Great question for small data visualisation using d3.js

Interactive version


Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity webpage



26th Economic Forum in Krynica 2016

Between  06th and 08th September 2016 I had opportunity to attend in 26th Economic Forum in Krynicy representing  DELab UW invited by Google Poland, where I discussed “digital skills” of SME during the panel discussion (analyzed in DELab’s Country Reports).

XXVI Forum Ekonomiczne w Krynicy

XXVI Forum Ekonomiczne w Krynicy

Economic Forum is advertised as the biggest business and economic event in our country and maybe in CEE area. Taking into account the number of politicians and executives of the biggest companies it can be true. There have been made many summaries of the event already, however I want to look at by my own  based on my motto – “everyday data science“.

I took official agenda accessible only for the participants  and using (I like of those tools :) web-scraping, text-mining and word-cloud I looked what words were most popular in titles and descriptions of the discussions and seminars. . I was expecting the words related with innovations, start-up’s. What did I get?

WordCloud - tytuły

WordCloud – titles

WordCloud - opisy

WordCloud – description

Economic Forum apparently is mainly the geopolitical event (our place in Europe, region) rather than economic one. Even though the words like “challanges”, “new”, “development”, “data”, “energy” were very popular, other like “innovations” weren’t visible. It reflects my impression from hearing those discussions. I felt the luck of deep understanding and analysis of the problem.  But maybe it is just my impression as the researcher and economist? What do you think?


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